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ReallyGoodBattle: Fast-Paced, Action-Arcade, Platform-Fighter with an early-Atari inspired minimalistic design. With 2 buttons and a joystick, defeat your foes (or friends) in a simple, yet satisfying way. Run along the walls and approach from all angles to land satisfying, one-hit-kills to win. With heavy emphasis on being accessible to all levels of skill yet maintaining its capacity to be played competitively.

  • Omnidirectional Gameplay - Collide with any wall while in the air to snap to it and run along any surface.  Change gravity an approach your target from any direction. 
  • Two Button Combat - Jump and attack. Aerial and direction attack maximises what you can do with only 1 attack button.
  • Versus Mode - Play a 1v1 or a 2v2 or a 1v3. Play any combination you could thing of with 4 players. Play versus Friends or AI. 
  • Rebindable Keys - Play with controllers or with keyboard and mouse.You could even use both at the same time with the option to  bind any actions to any keys. 


Programming, Art, Design, Suffering: Storm "Boxhead" Hughes 


Programming: Kate Sander

Music and Sound Design : Pixel Noise - https://soundcloud.com/pixel-noise



Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Deleted 2 years ago

Sorry, the version available is quite old now, I don't think I added keyboard support in that old version.  The current, in development, version has all of the features on the page and will be available in a few months (though it will not be free) I updated the page to be ready for the final product. It should be function with multiple controllers though. Sorry for the confusion  :(

Fun game. Loved it when me and friends played it a Lets Play Gaming Expo. Keep up the awesome job.

More like Really Good Game! I had fun playing this one w/ friends, it's definitely worth checking out :)